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Managed Hosting

What Is Managed Hosting?

Website Hosting

We host your website on our cloud-based servers, which are managed and optimized for through the best-dedicated WordPress hosting solution.

Automatic Updates

We handle all updates to WordPress core & plugins. We make sure everything is compatible before updates are run to maximize your sites uptime.

Website Security

Security is a big deal, so we take it very seriously. Every website is given an SSL certificate and protections are put in place for DDoS attacks and brute force attacks.

File & Site Backups

Ever wonder if your files are safe? Rest easy, we retain 30 days of backups of your site files off site so your data is always safe and secure.

Premium Plugins

We use a number of premium plugins that have yearly subscriptions tied to them. With managed hosting you’ll never pay extra for premium plugins.


We offer some of the best support in the industry. Because we are owned and run by a pastor, your support is geared toward your church. 

We Create Fully Managed Sites So You Can Focus On Your Organization

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