Should You Use Church Center as Your Main Church Website?

Apr 1, 2024

Can we use Church Center as our church website and redirect our domain to our Church Center page? This is the number one question we get when we talk with clients about their websites and Planning Center Online integration. 

In an age where digital platforms play an increasingly significant role in how organizations engage with their communities, churches are no exception. With the rise of specialized apps like Church Center, many congregations have turned to these tools as a central hub for communication, event management, and giving. However, while the Church Center app offers numerous benefits, it may not be the best solution as the sole platform for a church’s online presence. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Limited Customization Options: One key drawback of relying solely on the Church Center app is the limited customization it offers. While the app provides basic functionality for event scheduling, sermon streaming, giving, etc., it lacks the flexibility to tailor the website to reflect your church’s unique identity and branding. A website serves as a digital front door for your congregation, and having the ability to customize its design and content is crucial for creating a welcoming and engaging online environment for potential guests.
  2. Limited SEO Optimization: Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that your church’s website ranks well in search engine results and attracts new guests. However, the Church Center app offers no SEO optimization features compared to dedicated website platforms. In fact, your Church Center URL is not even a crawlable domain by search engines. A website built using a platform like WordPress provides greater flexibility for optimizing content, metadata, and site structure to improve search visibility. Neglecting SEO and using Church Center as your church website can hinder your church’s online discoverability and limit its ability to reach individuals searching for your church.
  3. Accessibility Concerns: Accessibility is a fundamental aspect of any website, especially for a church aiming to reach a diverse audience. Unfortunately, the Church Center app may fail to provide comprehensive accessibility features. Building a website with accessibility in mind ensures that individuals with disabilities can fully engage with your content, whether it’s through screen readers, keyboard navigation, or other assistive technologies. By relying solely on the Church Center app, you risk excluding community members dependent on these features from accessing information and participating in church activities.

While the Church Center app offers valuable tools for managing church activities and engaging with congregants, it should not be relied upon as the sole platform for your church’s online presence. By investing in a dedicated website alongside the app, your church can enjoy greater customization, accessibility, SEO optimization, and independence from third-party platforms. Embracing a multi-faceted approach to digital outreach ensures that your congregation can effectively connect with existing members and guests.

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