Transactional Email with Mailgun for WordPress

Feb 6, 2019

transactional email with mailgunOne question I see come up frequently as I troll Facebook Groups and forums is “why are my emails not delivered from my website?” Fair question and there could be dozens of reasons why. But let me introduce you to the system I use that has eliminated this headache for us at Grace at Work, sending our transactional email with Mailgun.

Transactional Email with Mailgun

Mailgun is a third party service that specializes in email deliverability. What is great about Mailgun is that it is free to use if you are sending less than 5,000 emails a month and very inexpensive for anything over 5,000 in a month. In the video below I’ll walk you through the process of processing transactional email with

Note: Mailgun is far more than just transactional email for your website, which we don’t get into in the video. Be sure you check their service out for all that they offer. For example, we use them for a dedicated IP address for all of our email, it too increases reliability.

Alternative Options

Another option that is just like Mailgun is SendGrid. We chose Mailgun over SendGrid because we found Mailgun first 😉

One other option if you don’t want to deal with it is move your hosting to our managed hosting solution.

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